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We help your business to succeed with productive and secure information work

We are the leading IT services provider for businesses in Finland

We help our customers to succeed in their business with productive and secure information work. Frendy employs some 360 IT specialists in 20 locations across Finland.


  • Cloud
  • Networks
  • Capacity
  • Devices
  • Printing and document management


  • Cyber security
  • User support
  • Backups and business continuity
  • Monitoring and management
  • Consultation and IT architecture development

Three cornerstones of productive information work


- Equipment and software for work
- Helpful user support
- Training in information work


- Information available to everyone regardless of time and place
- Equality in remote and on-site work
- Continuous improvement


- Cyber security from single user to shared IT environment
- Business continuity

Our solutions


Are you facing IT issue? Don’t worry, our helpful and experienced support team can fix it in no time! They’re always happy to help – online or on-site.

At Frendy, we know that time is money, which is why all calls to our user support are always answered by the people who can help you. This means you won’t waste your time queueing or being transferred from one customer service rep to another. In most cases, your problem will be dealt with in just one call.

Our great user support staff solve problems online, but they can also arrange on-site assistance if that is what’s needed.

  • Customer-specific and expert help in just one call
  • Get support quickly – say goodbye to endless waiting on hold
  • Thousands of satisfied users all around Finland


When your company’s cyber security is in the right hands, you can relax and focus on your core business without worrying about cybercriminals.

Cyber security is a complex matter, but you can leave it to us to make sure everything works without interruption to protect your business. We are constantly alert to anomalies in your IT environment and we respond quickly whenever we spot them.

User-friendliness is extremely important to us, and this also applies to cyber security.

  • Easy to use
  • Continue to work without any worries while your security system operates in the background
  • Mobile cyber security keeps you protected whether you’re working at the office or from home


Sophisticated information management and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, serve as a launch pad to boost your work.

Get the most out of your team’s performance with cloud services that help you work more efficiently. We make sure that everyone has the right tools for both the office and home. We provide you with all the necessary licences and take care of the overall health and security of your cloud environment. Data and users can be extensively protected with cloud-based tools.

  • The best applications and practices from Microsoft and Google
  • Expert support and guidance so that you get the full benefit
  • Secure cloud applications to support your workflow every day


Our capasity solutions are highly adaptable and reliable – not to mention secure.

We offer a highly secure and reliable data center service, powered by renewable energy, to meet the capacity needs of businesses of all sizes.

In addition to our own data center capacity, we maintain and manage a variety of capacity environments, including on-premise and public cloud solutions.

  • Continuity and security guaranteed at all times
  • Resource-efficient implementation
  • The best fit-for-purpose for the customer from different capacity models – as well as hybrid


At Frendy, we act with your best interests in mind and safeguard your company’s valuable data from any unexpected incidents.

We ensure the continuity of your business by automatically backing up important system and data files. In the event of a data breach, hardware failure or accidental data loss, files can be quickly recovered from these backups and you can continue running your business as before.

  • Securing information systems, servers and cloud applications
  • Securing business continuity with rapid recovery
  • Backups give you peace of mind


We know how to set up and maintain secure and responsive local networks.

Productivity requires good network connections within and between offices. We will build for you a secure local network on the scale you need, and also take care of all your network issues. Convenient and easy!

  • The entire local network as a hassle-free service
  • An up-to-date and secure environment at all times
  • Transparency and cloud-based management mean faster troubleshooting


Correctly designed tools are essential for job satisfaction and productivity. We provide your employees and your entire business environment with the equipment you need, including AV solutions for a first-class meeting experience.

Outsource all of your organisation’s hardware purchases to Frendy. We offer you a comprehensive range of high-quality tools for your entire organisation, and like a true friend, we will be there for you and your equipment, from procurement to recycling.

  • We offer you the best financing and leasing contracts
  • Rental equipment on a long- and short-term basis
  • Convenient hardware purchases from Frendy’s online shop


Frendy offers document management solutions for both traditional printing and efficient workflows between devices and information management systems.

Our offering helps you find the best hardware and software for your printing, scanning and document management needs to boost your everyday office work. Our solutions combine reliability and sustainability. We supply printers and multi-function devices on a maintenance contract that includes servicing and cartridges.

  • Multi-function devices
  • Printing, scanning and document management solutions
  • Equipment for your production printing needs


Frendy’s experts can help you design the IT architecture for your business. Your business will thrive when poorly performing IT no longer acts as a bottleneck to business change.

Our experts can implement IT architecture changes of all sizes, creating the necessary projects and delivering them on time. We can also provide your staff with all the training they might need.

  • The best experts are ready to help you
  • Consulting and project services and training
  • IT outsourcing solutions optimised to meet your business needs

Frendy in brief

Frendy was born in 2021 from an observation by established IT entrepreneurs:

The need for IT services of small and medium-sized companies is growing due to increased information work, while simultaneously the most advanced IT services are only accessible to larger companies. Frendy fills this void by serving small and medium-sized businesses with the best possible expertise and local support throughout Finland.

Frendy is comprised of several successful IT service companies, and Frendy’s future growth is supported by the capital investor Procuritas. Frendy employs some 360 IT specialists working from 20 different locations. Frendy’s revenue is close to 66 million euros.


Contact information

Lintulahdenkuja 10
00500 Helsinki, Finland

Business ID: 3199474-9

Customer Service
Phone +358 207 790 070


+358 27 237 027

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